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Senior American Funding, Inc. has been providing reverse mortgage solutions to the people of San Diego County since 1990. Our team of specialists are here to provide you with the best information to help properly leverage reverse mortgage options. Our primary focus is to ensure you are provided with the most beneficial advice so you can have a comfortable and enjoyable retirement. Each one of our Loan Officers is fully qualified to offer solutions to any needs and concerns you have. We want to create lasting relationships and continually prove our loyalty to you. Our Specialists are firmly committed to providing the mortgage solutions you need to make your golden years truly golden.  We offer FREE reverse mortgage consultations and prepare valuable reports at no cost to you, so make sure to contact us today!


Benefits Of  A Reverse Mortgage

There are many benefits to getting a reverse mortgage. It allows you to receive cash from your home, pay off your mortgage, and make no monthly payments. These benefits last forever, or as long as you live in the home. Whereas a regular mortgage leaves you owing monthly payments, a reverse mortgage allows you to receive monthly payments from your home’s equity. This much safer  than a conventional mortgage or home equity line of credit. This is because the government guarantees you can live in the home for as long as you like with no obligation to repay the loan. Here are the facts about reverse mortgages:

San Diego reverse mortgage

  • Receive tax-free money from the equity in your house
  • Eliminate your current mortgage payments
  • You are not required to make monthly mortgage payments
  • No out of pocket expense to you
  • The title to the home stays in your name
  • You can do a reverse mortgage and keep the title in your living trust
  • Your Social Security and Medicare benefits are not affected


Why San Diego Reverse Mortgages Are The Best


San Diego reverse mortgage

Homeowners in San Diego can benefit tremendously from a reverse mortgage. The reason for this is due to property values appreciating so rapidly in San Diego County. This increased equity in the home allows the borrower to receive the benefits of a reverse mortgage while increasing the beneficiary’s inheritance. The real estate prices in San Diego are always increasing, so there is a lot of potential for homeowners to capitalize on this. If you want to learn more be sure to see our introduction to reverse mortgages.


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